The THIEF Gallery—page 1  

In May of 2005, we had a "Where in the World is To Love a Thief?" Contest, in which readers sent photos of themselves posing with TO LOVE A THIEF—or of just themselves—along with a little story. We have lungfish and baby seals. Camping trips and birthdays and cruises. Book groups, babies and vampire statues. Texas, Finland, and's marvelous! Here are our entries! Hope you all enjoy meeting a few fellow readers. :)

  Here THIEF poses with Devonia Smith, of Dallas, Texas, while she makes her toenails beautiful. Devonia originally found THE RUNAWAY DUKE in a dumpster (?!?) and became a fan, proving the tenacity of that book in finding readers, I guess. Devonia sells beautiful hand-painted vintage items at her E-Bay store.  
Here we have Debra Guyette of Connecticut reading TO LOVE A THIEF to her 26-inch long lungfish, who bites. Says Debra, "I thought we could read the book together and maybe soothe the savage beast. "




These beautiful, grinning ladies are the Santa Clara, California Brentano's Romance Reader's Group. They meet monthly to discuss new and future releases, eat cookies, and then Ellen (the group's leader) passes out ARCs so the group can give her feedback for their buyer. From left to right, front Row: Ellen Higuchi (the group leader); Deborah M., Roxann. Back Row: Jackie, Debra V., Patty, Jenny, Peigi, Diana, Christine, Sandra.



  Here Lily Masters of (an ethereal-looking) TO LOVE A THIEF is flanked by Spike and Angel, with whom she's holding hands. This photo was contributed by Michelle, a writer from Toronto, who loves Buffy, Beanie Babies and cats, and who thinks Lily would make a terrific vampire.   Teresa Henson of Connecticut claims she couldn't put TO LOVE A THIEF down, even when it came time to take a shower.



  Here Sam Crist of Northern California attempts to psychically discern the contents of his mom's copy of TO LOVE A THIEF. Karen's a romance reader from way back (she remembers first stumbling across the euphemism "member" in Love's Scarlet Banner), and she's delighted that she can finally quit her day job to be a mom and start her own business (so her husband can retire).   This is Domenic Long of San Francisco, California, lover of sunbeams and stealer of Q-tips (perhaps because they look like mouse tails?), with one of his roommate's copies of TO LOVE A THIEF.
  Terra Codack of Forth Worth, Texas is one determined—and original—reader. She and THIEF set out in the car from Forth Worth for the Romantic Times Convention in St. Louis, stopping along the way to commune with a giant Indian in Oklahoma (Terra says he's grumpy because he wanted her copy of THIEF); five hours later, they arrived in Missouri (they stopped for the photo); and finally found yours truly at the RT Convention booksigning, below left.
  I finally got to meet Terra at the Romantic Times Conference—here's me with my stack of TO LOVE A THIEF'S at the big booksigning.   Mill Valley, California Real estate mogul Geoff Hancock shows off his two copies of TO LOVE A THIEF. He would probably read more historical romance if it featured more karate. (note: Geoff isn't really orange in real life).