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Below are links to past issues of the graphic version of my newsletter, which I introduced in January 2005. (The previous text versions issued in 2004, must, alas, remain lost to posterity, as fascinating as they were.) Clicking on a link below will take you to the newsletter; to get back to this page, just hit the "back" button on your browser. The popular "Magical History Tour" feature is also archived on the hmmm... page.

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  01.27.05 Do you need a secret handshake to get in, or...? TO LOVE A THIEF will be a featured alternate in both the Rhapsody and Doubleday Book Clubs! (and no, you don't need a secret handshake!)

is this a secret handshake?
My firstborn is making me proud!...THE RUNAWAY DUKE was nominated for Historical Romance of the Year (2004) in two different categories by the Historical Romance Club! Take a look at all the esteemed nominees. :) Winners will be announced March 23rd. Cross your fingers!

A prize in Duke's future?

Fa la la la la, etc. ...
Take a sneak-peek at my next book, TO LOVE A THIEF, find out who won my last contest, enter a new (and, OK, decidedly silly) contest and...why are you still reading this?? Shouldn't you be out Christmas shopping?!? Isn't Christmas like...tomorrow?? (Just kidding. You can stop hyperventilating now).

take a peek, and preorder if the
spirit moves you.
  09.14.04 To infinity and beyond!...
THE RUNAWAY DUKE has already gone back for a second printing!! I'm reeling with joy, shock, and vertigo, although I think the last has something to do with my summer cold. LOL! Also, name a horse in my new contest, read lovely new DUKE reviews, peek at my diary, and... am I missing anything?
the answer is somewhere on this site!
hi ho, silver! who was this
cranky old horse?
  08.02.04 DUKE makes the lists!...
is officially out—
and it made the Waldenbooks Top 10
and's Bestselling Romance lists!! In other news, read some wonderful new reviews. BOY, am I having fun with this whole author thing!)
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what's this? an itty, bitty,
Amazon screen shot. my new obsession.
  06.01.04 To know, know, know me, is to...well, I don't know if it's necessarily to love me (somewhere my sister is laughing), but thanks to your contest questions, now you can decide for yourself! (Be kind.) We have a contest winner, too, and a new contest—who do you think is HOT?
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ted and hugh: hotties?
  05.10.04 WOW! It's really a book!... The ARC's (Advance Reading Copies—I didn't know what that meant, either, until a few months ago) for THE RUNAWAY DUKE have arrived! Amazingly enough, they look pretty much just like an actual book. If you're a book reviewer or a book group member and you'd like me to take a look at one, click below.
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  04.12.04 The trouble with highwaymen... Connor and Rebecca run into a little trouble in this new, longer excerpt from THE RUNAWAY DUKE.
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  03.18.04 Julie Anne Long faints from joy!...My first ever review—an early one from Romantic Times BOOKclub Magazine calls THE RUNAWAY DUKE "Marvelous... impossible to put down...a dazzling debut...!"
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  03.18.04 Speaking of public speaking... If you're in the SF Bay Area in April, join Julie and romance writers Candice Hern, Shelley Bates, Jennifer Skullestad and literary agent Elizabeth Pomada for a discussion on "Breaking In/ Breaking Out" of publishing.
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  02.16.04 They threw fruit!... Read about Julie's first ever public speaking gig—as a participant on a romance writing panel at the First Annual San Francisco Writer's Conference (just kidding about the fruit!)
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