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~A Letter from Julie~

Hello, my doves! Since I finished my Christmas shopping months ago, I thought I'd sit down to write a leisurely—

Ha! Kidding! (Boy, that was fun. Sorry. Did you just throw something at your computer monitor? I'll give you a moment to compose yourself.) Of course I didn't finish months ago. What kind of human being do you think I am?? I did, however, finish yesterday, which might be a personal best. And since I find myself with the luxury of a little time before the main holiday event, I wanted to be the 3,012th person to wish you a glorious holiday season, and I didn't want 2006 to ride off into the sunset before I could tell you how much I've appreciated being able to spend the year with you. Half the fun of holding monthly contests is reading the comments in the comments form of the contest entries, and you guys have written some of the sweetest, most moving, most hilarious things over the past year. It's absolutely a pleasure to write books for you, and to get to know you this way.

This is all just to say: of course I couldn't let the year get away without holding a couple of final contests. Do gorgeous, one-of-a-kind pearl earrings sound good to you? How about a very rare, signed ARC of WAYS TO BE WICKED? Only dropped in the bathtub once? (Just kidding! That was a different book altogether, I swear it). That contest is happening NOW at my blog, and it's over on midnight, Christmas day.

Some of the year's highlights? TO LOVE A THIEF was nominated for numerous awards, including the Rita, the Holt Medallion, the Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award, and the Bookseller's Best. In other words, my second-born did me proud. :) What else? BATS and WAYS TO BE WICKED were released to rave reviews and hit a few bestseller lists (we'll see how they do in the contests in 2007!), and the Cyber Dance Party I held in October at my blog (the Julie Chronicles) in honor of WTBW's release was a roaring, two-day giddy blast. More than a thousand visitors popped into the party on both days (if you go by blog hits) and around a hundred gals got out on the dance floor and enjoyed the cyber snacks. :) But Ruby D. in Oklahoma went home with the grand prize, a pair of pearl and diamond earrings and all four of my books. I have more unique events up my sleeve for next year—I live to keep you (and me) entertained, after all—and you're of course on the guest list. :) I'll keep you posted!

And just a few days ago a reader apprised me of another groundbreaking event: seems the irascible, inimitable, hilarious, singularly opinionated Mrs. Giggles mentioned on her blog that she had a "new favorite author," saying she was "in heaven." I was in shock when I learned she was talking about... me. She gifted TO LOVE A THIEF and WAYS TO BE WICKED with rare keeper status, and had great (and amusing) things to say about my other books. Check it out. Here's to you, Mrs. G.!

Actually, here's to each and every one of you. Whether or not you celebrate any holidays this time of year, I'll picture you safe and warm and happy, surrounded by your loved ones (both the human kind and the furry kind), with something hot to drink in one hand and something (perhaps equally hot) to read in your other hand. :) Here's to a 2007 filled with love and laughter and adventure and prosperity and wonderful, wonderful books for all of us. Take good care for now!

Warmest Regards,


Julie :)


October 2006


March 2006!


available now

~Book News~

THE SECRET TO SEDUCTION is preordering at Amazon, but don't let me rush you, or anything. Really. There's plenty of time to order it after the holidays. Take a deep, cleansing breath, now. I don't want to be responsible for any hyperventilating. (But you have to see the pretty cover!)

As a reminder: The books in the Holt sisters trilogy are BEAUTY AND THE SPY (March 06, out now), which is Susannah and Kit's story; WAYS TO BE WICKED (out now, the story of Sylvie and Tom!) and THE SECRET TO SEDUCTION (out in May of 2007, it's Sabrina and Rhys's story and wraps up the trilogy, bringing back old characters and solving our mystery!). I think it'll help to read BATS again before you get into THE SECRET TO SEDUCTION. Just a hint. :)


BATS will be published in Polish! I know I have a few gals from Poland on our mailing list, so I can't wait to hear what you think of the Polish version. :) I'll let you know when it's available!


NEW CONTEST: Just in case Santa doesn't bring you pearls...And just because I think you're swell, you can win a beautiful pair of sterling silver, freshwater pearl and Swarovski crystal earrings. Go to my contest page to find out how. And we have a quickie contest going on right now at the Julie Chronicles. Win a collectible (so they tell me) signed ARC of WAYS TO BE WICKED, suitable for reading or selling on Ebay (I jest.) Pop by and say happy holidays now!

w i n n e r s: Gail C. of North Carolina won the JAL Gift Pack. Hurrah for Gail!

Take care for now, and see you next time!


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